It’s a creative and collaborative process.  

Our approach is to work with you, the Client, to establish your needs, your vision and your business requirements. Even before you have considered the various property options available, we can help you define exactly what you are looking for. Our initial assessment of your requirements, provide you with the following important key facts: 

  • How much space you actually need.
  • The crucial cost differences between shortlisted buildings.
  • How much long term space flexibility you need.
  • The different cost of adapting each building to your requirements.

If and when you have selected your new premises, we work closely with you to gain all of the information available, to provide you with a design scheme

  • Building surveys
  • AutoCAD drawings with optional layouts.
  • Axonometric drawings and 3D visuals of key areas. 
  • Detailed specifications with costs..

With the latest AutoCAD facilities, we have the ability to provide plans of various complexities that allow you an insight into the finished product.   By consulting staff and key members, we allow you to make informed decisions at every stage. Our professional design proposals will also take into account specific technical requirements for your industrial or office space.